Is Flavorpill Practicing Age Discrimination?


This showed up in our inbox today, oddly enough labeled “contest,” although if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t every job a contest between you and the thousands of other applicants?

Either way: Flavorpill, the daily newsletter of fun things to do in your hometown, is opening up a branch in Melbourne, Australia and looking for a managing editor to oversee their content. Unfortunately, you don’t just have to be hip and cool to apply for this job, you also have to fit into a predetermined age range of 18-30, which would seem to go against the Age Discrimination in Employment act of 1967, but Australia’s passing of a similar bill only happened 5 years ago, and is a little more lax about pigeonholing their employees. Unfortunately, Flavorpill’s HQ is based in New York, meaning if someone wanted to take the the company to court over not getting the Melbourne position, they might have a fair shot at the case.

Unless by calling it a contest, instead of a job opening, the daily listings guide has found a way to bypass that tiny little hiccup.

Any HR gurus or employment attorneys out there want to weigh in?

UPDATE: Flavorpill co-founder and CEO Mark Mangan clarifies the age requirement: “The age range is related to visa requirements by the Australian government. And the work is part-time, ideal for a freelancer who wants to be Australia-based for a period of time. Flavorpill doesn’t ever discriminate based on age, or anything else.”