Is Damien Hirst One of the 100 Most Influential People in the World?

time100.jpgWhat about Tom Ford, Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio, Stella McCartney, or Takashi Murakami? They’re all among the finalists for this year’s Time 100 list, and the good people at Time have asked us to let you know that they’ve just launched the annual Time 100 Most Influential People poll, in which readers get a chance to vote on who they think should be on the 2009 TIME 100 list, which will be released later this year. Along with a nifty slider that you can use to rank the influence of Hirst, Ford, Piano, Koolhaas, Diller and Scofidio, McCartney, Murakami, and 196 others (from the Octomom to the Pope), Time has sprinkled in some pros and cons about each finalist. Ford’s page quotes Kanye West—who once blogged, “Is it me or do Tom Ford sunglasses rule the world?”—before pointing out that those sunglasses lost a bit of luxury cred when they showed up for sale at Costco.