iPhoneless Patrick McMullan Creates iPhone Magazine

PMc mag.jpgPhotographer and man-about-town Patrick McMullan built his empire taking photos of people at parties (lots and lots of photos at lots and lots of parties), and now he’s branching out into publishing, kind of. McMullan and publisher Michael Prenez-Isbell have founded PMc, the world’s first iPhone magazine (yours for 99 cents at the iPhone App store), even though, as he admits to Lizzie Widdicombe in her “Talk of the Town” piece in next week’s New Yorker, he is himself iPhoneless. PMc editor Michael Merriam explained to Widdicombe the unique concerns of creating a magazine for a three-by-two-inch screen:

“It’s a little different, because you’re more conscious of the fact that you have to turn the page a lot,” he said. “So if I’ve turned the page six times”—a page of PMc has about 150 words of text—”I start to feel like, O.K., something has to have happened already.”

Merriam…believes that you can publish perfectly good articles on a phone. “There just have to be fewer adjectives and adverbs,” he said. “Just nouns followed by verbs. I think a Joan Didion sentence—a lot of short sentences—can do that. Joan Didion’s sentences don’t rely on subordinate clauses.”

Meanwhile, McMullan weighed in on the challenges of a roving photographer: “This is where a photographer is really a photographer,” he told Widdicombe backstage at the Betsey Johnson show. “You don’t have time to change the lighting. You have to get it, and then you edit.”