iPhone No Longer Available in New York?

Now, iphone3gs1.jpgthis isn’t about eBooks per se, but it’s about iPhones, which are about eBooks, and it’s unusual enough–and the transcription with AT&T customer service quoted here at The Consumerist is ridiculous enough–that it’s worth mentioning. Apparently, in order to deal with data network congestion in New York, AT&T has stopped selling iPhones from is Website to anyone with a NYC area code.

A brooklynite who was shopping for an iPhone over the weekend found it was unavailable when he punched in his Brooklyn zip code, but available when he used the zips from other major US cities. He reported this anomaly to The Consumerist, which followed up and quoted a hilarious chat conversation with a customer service rep who said, “New York is not ready for the iPhone…You do not have enough towers to handle the phone.”

The Consumerist is still awaiting further verification, and follow up stories in TechCruch and Engadget have probed a bit further without finding much. But iPhones are still available at Apple and AT&T stores in New York, so if you’re desperate for one, be prepared to hoof it.