iPhone App Store Launches with 500 Apps

iPhone app store.JPGMaybe they can’t get their hands on an iPhone 3G until Friday, but fans of Apple’s touch-screen devices can check out some of the third-party apps they’ll be able to download from the iTunes App Store, which the company launched early this morning.

As Macworld points out, the new applications only work on devices with the iPhone 2.0 software, which means that, unless you have an iPhone 3G in hand, you can look, but you can’t touch. The apps will also work with an iPod touch with iPhone 2.0 software installed.

Hundreds of apps are already up on the store, including freebies such as an AIM client, Google Mobile, TypePad and Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Nick Wingfield describes the App Store as “an online bazaar that will attempt to do for mobile applications like games, reference guides and other software what Apple’s iTunes Store has done for music.”

Apple chief Steve Jobs told the Journal that roughly a quarter of the 500 or so applications launching with the App Store will be free, with some 90% of the rest costing $10 or less. Under the revenue share deal, Apple gets 30% and the app developer keeps 70%. As with the rest of the iTunes Store, Apple doesn’t expect to make a lot of money from the App Store, but sees it as a way to sell more iPhones.