iPads Expected To Be In More Classrooms In Coming Years

School computer labs may be turning into tablet labs. In a new report from Piper Jaffray, which includes feedback from 25 educational technology directors, analyst Gene Munster writes, “Within the next 5 years, our respondents expect to have more tablets per student than they currently have computers.”

Munster points out that 100% of those surveyed use iPads, versus other tablets, so to be even more specific, respondents expect to have more iPads per student than they currently have computers. That is impressive. In addition, 44% of those surveyed said, “that a personalized learning tool is the most significant benefit of tablets. This suggests tablets offer something new relative to computers: a more personal, intimate and individualized learning tool.”

Apple Insider has more: “He noted that Ron Johnson, Apple’s outgoing head of retail operations, recently indicated that the current crop of students may be “the last generation with backpacks,” as students use iPads to replace their books. The 25 technology decision makers in education indicated that devices like the iPad allow for individualized learning better than a traditional computer.”