iPad vs. Newsstand Sales for Six Magazines

AdAge.com examined the iPad app sales for six magazines — Popular Science, Wired, Men’s Health, People, GQ, and Vanity Fair — taking into consideration the titles’ newsstand sales and the fact that, according to Forrester Research, 5.25 million iPads have sold in the United States. The results:

Popular Science averaged sales of 14,034 across the iPad editions of its April, May, June, and July issues, along with 115,101 newsstand sales, so its iPad sales were equivalent to 12 percent of its newsstand sales.

Wired‘s debut iPad edition sold 105,000 copies, and it sold 31,000 iPad editions of the July issue, 28,000 in August, and 32,000 of the September issue, equivalent to 37 percent of newsstand sales for the respective issues.

Men’s Health averaged 3,174 iPad-edition sales across its April, May, June, and July/August issues, or less than 1 percent of newsstand sales.

People is averaging 10,800 downloads per week and, although Time Inc. declined to tell AdAge.com how many of those downloads represent existing print subscribers claiming free copies, the title’s iPad sales are also equivalent to less than 1 percent of its single-copy newsstand sales.

GQ‘s iPad and iPhone edition averaged sales of 13,310 across the issues from April-August, or 7 percent of those issues’ newsstand sales.

Vanity Fair averaged 8,925 iPad and iPhone edition sales across its June, July, August, and September issues, or 2 percent of those issues’ print newsstand sales.