iPad Is Accepted To Notre Dame

Back in March I wrote about a couple of colleges that had announced plans for providing students with free iPads. At that time none of those colleges disclosed any plans for incorporating the iPads into classes. As classes are starting now on campuses throughout the United States, I have no doubt that iPads are being seen in the classrooms, either officially or unofficially.

One class that is officially using iPads is Corey Angst’s Project Management class at Notre Dame. According to Angst, over the summer the university looked at eReaders and tablet computers to determine how they should be incorporated in the curriculum. Angst’s class was selected for a trial.

Angst is writing a blog for sharing what is being learned during the experience, and among the projects the students will practice managing are presentations to others at Notre Dame on their experiences with the iPad. Angst has already written some interesting observations such as his surprise with how students are touch typing on the screen.

The only formally planned use for the iPads by students is for reading the class textbook provided in eReader format. The eReader software being used does not appear to actually be something like the Kindle or nook apps but instead appears to be an app intended specifically for textbooks. However, Angst notes a big limitation is that you can’t highlight text nor annotate in the book, which I predict will be problematic for students.

YouTube video courtesy of Notre Dame University