Involver and Klout Allow Brands to Influence-Gate Facebook Page App Content

Page management company Involver today announced a partnership with influence scoring service Klout. Involver clients will now have access to Klout Page tab application that lets them serve different content to users depending on their Klout score, similar to Like-gated apps.

The Klout app will let brands offer high value content, such as discounts or unreleased videos, to those with lots of influence on the web in order to entice them to mention the brand to their many Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Involver’s 400,000 clients will gain free access to the Klout app as part of the Page management company’s app suite, with higher tiered Involver plans affording clients more customizability of the app. The benefits of the partnership are that Involver gains the app as a selling point to brands, and Klout gets distribution on Facebook so it can collect more user data and refine its scoring algorithm.

Brands hosting the Klout app gain a useful way to engage and reward their users, but as per Facebook’s data sharing policies, they don’t receive any additional demographic data about users. Launch partner Audi is currently using the Klout app as its default landing tab on its Facebook Page. Users can visit the app, grant Klout permission to access their profile, and then see their Klout score. Regardless of score, users are given a free wallpaper image for their desktop.

However, the real potential of the Klout app comes in offering rewards of different values to users with different levels of influence. A user without many friends and that doesn’t receive many Likes or comments per news feed post could be offered a 10% discount, while someone with thousands of friends and a high volume of feedback per post could be given a $50 gift card and access to a game. The latter person might choose to share a link to the brand’s Facebook Page with all of their friends, driving Likes and key performance indicators for the brand.

By being able to discern between those with high or low influence, brands can giver more expensive rewards to those that can help them find more fans, sales, and more. Klout-integrations could allow brands to achieve a higher return on investment on giveaways and other promotions they use to gain Likes.

Apparently the partnership isn’t exclusive, so Involver clients won’t be the only ones to benefit from Klout’s technology. Involver’s SVP of Marketing Jascha Kaykas-Wolff tells us, “I fully expect them to do more relationships like this.”