How to invigorate boring courtroom sketches

Here is an example of a typical courtroom sketch (okay it’s actually a Photoshopped screengrab from A Few Good Men, but work with me here). Like other sketches, it’s basically just a flat graphic.

Here is the same sketch with a little multimedia treatment. (Roll over the characters with your mouse. Click here for the .FLA)

Or if you have a series of sketches at your disposal or just cropped versions of a single one, you can create a quick slideshow using Flash, SoundSlides, or by uploading to your content management tool. See an example below (click here for the .FLA)

Both of these Flash files took less than ten minutes to build and add an incredibly useful multimedia element to an otherwise old news standard. For more on the artists behind some of the most recognizable court sketches, check out this post at Ironic Sans.