Introducing the New and Improved Mediabistro Job Board

As you may or may not know, Social Times is part of the mediabistro network.  I often surprise people when I tell them this at conferences, and I usually get a smile.  That’s because the mediabistro job board has been one of the best places for media professionals to connect with jobs since it started in 1993 — yes, you read that right.  So today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve revamped and improved the mediabistro job board, and have integrated the jobs from all across our various networks into one place.

Obviously, it would seem biased for me to rant about the quality of the board, but frankly I say look at it for yourself here.

You can see the quality of jobs for writers, editors, social media managers, technology experts and programmers is extremely high.  In fact, I’ll be using the board soon myself, so stay tuned for that.

The reason this is also key to Social Times readers is that the new job board has combined the existing Social Times job board with the Inside Network board.  This means the list of jobs available will certainly include a good deal of social media related positions, so head over there now if you’re an aspiring social media manager — you just may find what you’re looking for.