Interview With Patrick Chanezon of Google

Last week I spoke with Patrick Chanezon, evangelist for OpenSocial at Google. He speaks frequently at events around the country to educate people about how to take advantage of OpenSocial and a few of Google’s other products. I spoke with Patrick about the recent rifts between Facebook and Google, the future of monetizing OpenSocial applications and a number of other things.

While Patrick couldn’t speak about Google’s intention in providing monetization opportunities for OpenSocial applications, it is expected that Google will provide their own monetization solutions for OpenSocial apps. During our conversation Patrick discusses the benefits of Google Friend Connect and OpenSocial and addresses some criticism which has arisen over the new standard.

If you want to learn more about the OpenSocial program and where it is headed listen to our podcast. Also here is one of Patrick’s recent presentations on OpenSocial and Google’s various APIs.