Interns Needed

starbucks coffee cup
fetch, intern, fetch! flickr: Steve Webel

Apparently it’s that time of year, where you students look at your class schedule and realize that even though you’d blocked out those three days for binge drinking, you’re kind of terrified about the job market and so you’re gonna try to get one of those “internship” things people have been telling you about.

Rule one (especially if you’re in media): don’t go to your career services center, even if they’re marginally better than this.

Rule two:
Check out these opportunities. We’re pluggin ’em because we found ’em.

The Big Money (one editorial, one social media) (editorial, Web developers, multimedia)

AgencySpy (if you read the blog you’ll get an idea of what kind of work you’ll be doing)

OK! Magazine (editorial)