International Apps Are the Most Interesting on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, features some pretty standard English-language apps, helped along by a few somewhat more creative international offerings.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. App_2_135858749758063_4184 ESPNU College Town 969,093 +822,745 +562%
2. Original 開心魚塘 891,216 +373,686 +72%
3. App_2_130972710269090_3907 Social Statistics 401,906 +355,339 +763%
4. Original xo Hearts xo 483,027 +301,346 +166%
5. App_2_120451454661737_4691 Mall Dreams 954,655 +246,702 +35%
6. App_2_136712176374911_6079 Aký si šofér 237,755 +231,686 +3,818%
7. App_2_135261626503589_1397 開心水果(开心水果) 719,727 +225,569 +46%
8. App_2_44856213161_1533 Cupcake Corner 800,387 +217,143 +37%
9. App_2_108622189194930_5569 Death Calculator 219,387 +213,842 +3,856%
10. Original Fun Cards – Birthday & More! 464,265 +206,959 +80%
11. Original Fantasy Kingdoms 705,479 +196,066 +38%
12. App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City 381,350 +184,228 +93%
13. App_2_131368381736_2073 Super Quiz 934,464 +157,823 +20%
14. App_2_145576808817954_7968 dtac one D.I.Y. 150,635 +149,969 +22,518%
15. App_2_103777749672934_4187 PANDORA Bracelet Designer 364,160 +145,160 +66%
16. App_2_106932686001126_9426 Mynet Çanak Okey 580,073 +140,511 +32%
17. App_2_138319636201303_4321 Party Central 181,420 +133,890 +282%
18. App_2_221120598574_241 La Ferme 510,579 +130,178 +34%
19. App_2_115772018460159_5377 How old do you look? 446,871 +130,093 +41%
20. App_2_116880515011249_1321 My Sweet Shop 517,963 +123,272 +31%

At the top is Playdom’s ESPNU College Town, a new city-building game that mixes in college branding — in a way, it hearkens back to Facebook’s early days as a college-only network. Of course, the game is open to everyone, including nostalgic alumni.

Social Statistics is the first non-game app, mining the small amount of profile info that Facebook allows to try to tell users something about their friends. Xo Hearts xo is standard-issue gifting, although it adds a bit of pizazz with its animated hearts.

Aký si šofér is the first of the non-English apps. In Filipino, this app is an interesting gauge of international excitement over the iPhone; it appears to be a well-made quiz testing out user knowledge of iPhone 4 facts.

Further down, dtac one D.I.Y. is by a Thai mobile operator, and allows users to build their own custom avatar — the app appears designed mainly to promote the company’s mobile services. We rarely see Thai apps, but the country is one of Facebook’s fastest-growing markets, according to our own Global Monitor and Demographic Report, part of Inside Facebook Gold.

Right below dtac, PANDORA Bracelet Designer is one of the more interesting retail apps we’ve seen. By the Danish company Pandora Jewelry, this app allows users to build a custom bracelet and print out the specifications to take in to a retail location. If you’ve got over $1,000 to spare and a penchant for bangles, this is the app for you.