Intern Zonks Out During Morning Journo Chat

student sleeping.gif A rough day, indeed. First, you spend the morning at C-SPAN visiting with Founder Brian Lamb. Then you sit around a conference table at the Boston University House on Connecticut Avenue in Woodley Park listening to 90 minutes of details and guidance about the fall internship you’ll be doing.

Some 20 Miami of Ohio interns endured what proved to be a grueling schedule this morning designed by Fox News’s Congressional Reporter Chad Pergram, who has been mentoring his alma mater’s D.C. summer interns for several years, but was not there today. During the classroom chat, The Hill‘s Washington Scene blogger and In the Know gossip columnist Christina Wilkie gave interns what Pergram describes as a “pastiche” of what to expect here in Washington.

One intern didn’t fare so well. He fell fast asleep during the classroom chat, but at one point jarred himself awake to ask a question about starting a literary/poetry blog. Thankfully the remaining interns stayed awake. Luckily the designated future intern for The Hill kept it together and took notes.

Pergram says he has never witnessed an intern with this program zonk out in the past. Cheryl Gibbs, the Miami of Ohio journalism professor who is leading the fall internship program, concurred, saying that this kind of situation is not typical. “There may be a medication side effect,” she told FishbowlDC. “It’s frustrating for me. If it is medically related, that’s what we have to deal with. When you’re in a program like this, you deal with the whole person. And it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a problem we’re trying to work through.”