Interesting Idea: JobNob’s Happy Hour Connects Cash-Strapped Startups With Eager Workers

happy_hour_3.gifJobNob is a job board created “to empower employees with real information about jobs and companies.” Whatever that means to you, at JobNob it appears to mean “we list salaries.”

But the company is also holding a happy hour for NYC-based workers on Tuesday, February 9. And at that happy hour, they’re exploring “alternative compensation.”

See, startups can’t always afford to hire someone expensive, but you need a job, and you want to work on something big. Everyone at the happy hour is going to be flexible on pay: reduced rates, equity, internships, part time, etc. Maybe you can work out a deal.

It’s free for both jobseekers and companies. And there are two more happy hours: one next Tuesday, Feb 2 for Palo Alto workers and one Feb. 24 for Chicago-area jobseekers. If you go to one of these, let us know how it works out for you!