Intel is Taking the Branded Approach to Wireless Cities

-Intel XOHM Logos-Screw waiting for the government, build it yourself! That’s the approach that Intel is taking with their new WiMAX service. This morning I received an invite to the launch of Intel WiMAX in Baltimore. The company is not just backed by Intel though, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks are also investors in the joint company between Sprint and Clearwire.

From the sound of it WiMAX will be offered via a company called XOHM. Getting confused? Not surprising, I definitely am. Thankfully Intel has provided the following demo which shows How WiMax Works. Be warned though, the demo is pretty technical. The main takeaway from this is that wireless cities are becoming a reality thanks to this new technology.

One of the next cities to have the service rolled out is D.C. which is pretty exciting news. What’s the timeframe for this new service roll-out? I’m not completely sure but I’m confident I’ll have more information following the WiMAX Baltimore event.