Instagram Users Show Their Love of World Cup Soccer

They also underscore the randomness of the Internet

The Internet just fails to make sense sometimes, and this week's Adweek/Shareablee top 10 brands using Instagram video represents another example of its random nature.

While it's not at all surprising that three brands on the chart are soccer-related thanks to the World Cup, it's fair to wonder why FC Barcelona—in its first appearance on our three-month-old rankings—sits as high as second. The Spanish pro team features forward Lionel Messi in its uniform, which is fine except for the fact everyone is now focused on the soccer great's play for Argentina in the Cup. It would have made a lot more sense for FC Barcelona to blow up Instagram video weeks ago when it competed in the UEFA Champions League, but that scenario did not come to pass.

FC Barcelona made solid use of a quick-cut series of photos, which sports marketers are finding success with on the social-video platform. U.S. Soccer employed the same editing tactic and charted 10th this week. The American fútbol squad showed popular players such as Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard at practice, boarding an airplane, goofing around, etc., demonstrating once again that consumers eat it up when you take them behind the scenes of their favorite brands.

And with that take-folks-where-they-can't-normally-go content style in mind, the FIFA World Cup's official page came in at eighth on our chart by highlighting several beach and boardwalk scenes around Rio de Janeiro. It's worth noting that the organization did not start an Instagram account until June 4 and has quickly accrued 746,000 followers. 

Meanwhile, the National Basketball Association tops our rankings for the 10th week in a row. It seemed highly likely that the NBA would fall off after its season ended on June 16, but, once again, the Internet likes to puzzle observers. You've got to give pro basketball's social media staffers props for its continued strong work, growing the league's Instagram account to 2.8 million followers.

Check out such brands' efforts below via our multimedia infographic, which lets viewers watch last week’s top Instagram videos while seeing what kind of organic reach the brands created.