Instagram Selected as Apple’s 2011 App of the Year

And the winner is… Instagram.  The powerful photo application allows people to easily give their photos a visual punch, with filters ranging from cracked black & white to high contrast super-model.  The images are resized into a square sahape, and typically a vignette is applied to the edges.  The results are fantastic, and Apple has supported the app and the team by selecting it as their favorite application of 2011.

Instagram is one of those applications that has flooded Twitter and Facebook as users use it to really highlight their favorite moments and make it special.  That said, it also has it’s own database of photos, that are now sortable by hashtags.  The level of quality on most photos is really high, and you may find yourself lost in their database for hours if you aren’t careful.

Take a look at some tips for using Instagram in a creative way below, from the fine folks over at c|net.