InMobi Announces New Monetization Solution for Mobile Games


Mobile advertising network InMobi has announced its new Monetization Solution for Games, alongside a $25 million fund for independent game developers. The new Monetization Solution for Games allows developers to optimize their monetization strategies in response to players’ emotional states. It includes support for multiple ad types, including a playable ads format for trying games as demo ads before they’re downloaded.

InMobi’s new solution supports full-screen interstitials that can be customized with native frames and animations, as well as 15-30 second video ads. According to InMobi, these interstitials deliver “100 percent better performance than traditional formats,” while video ads “increase app installs by 200 percent compared to standard ad units.”

These ads can also be turned into rewarding possibilities for players. For instance, developers can trigger the delivery of in-game rewards, like virtual currency, after players watch a video ad. These ads, says InMobi, perform 250 percent better than traditional banner ads.

Finally, the company’s partnership with app virtualization company Voxel allows developers to offer 20 to 40 second interactive ads to players, where games are presented as playable demos within the original game or app. This particular ad type is quickly growing in popularity, with Voxel releasing the technology as its own “App FastForward” system, and other companies, including Agawi and AppSponsor, also releasing their own versions of the ad format.

“It’s not typical for a company at InMobi’s size to move so quickly with a small startup like us,” says David Zhao, CEO of Voxel. “InMobi recognizes the need to continuously innovate in a hyper-competitive space like mobile ads. Their ability to focus on playable ads, which drives higher quality users with better eCPMs, will be a game changer for both publishers and advertisers on their network.”

InMobi’s Monetization Solution for Games also offers an analytics platform and access to “partner management and creative consulting services.”

On top of this announcement, InMobi’s $25 million fund will work to help independent game developers achieve large-scale success using its monetization services.

“InMobi is focused on [helping] indie developers scale globally. With a dedicated program like InMobi Monetization Solution for Games we are reiterating our commitment to this community,” adds Piyush Shah, vice president of products at InMobi. “We expect this program will help us partner with some of the most innovative minds in the gaming world to further push the envelope on their ad experiences.”

Interested developers can learn more on InMobi’s website.