Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum, or, the Commentocracy 2.0

shouting.jpgLooks like “commenters” are the new “future of newspapers,” as far as storylines are concerned. They’re the new summer trend piece, along with locally grown food and Barack Obama. To that end, we bring you the latest from Daniel Libit over at Politico who says that reader responses, also known as “creators of content” are “changing the very nature of the online exchange.” Perhaps not specifically here at FBNY, but in many other places. That said, we were thinking about this yesterday, and while places like HuffPo tend to prove up on the idea that the commentocracy is slightly out of control, there is the argument to be made that in some places creators of content are smart, supportive, and not actually out to kill anyone’s wife and unborn child.

The question remains!: wherein lies the line between censorship and moderation? Of course, this is not a new question or one that looks to be solved anytime soon. However, is the answer to this particular problem to cut off comments altogether (as Marc Ambinder has done), or merely employ an army to keep them under control? It’s not as if it’s difficult to start a blog. Ah, the struggles of the world 2.0. Anyway, we think you should be prepared for the inevitable Newsweek cover story to come.