Infographic: What A Modern Resume Needs

Thanks to the folks at, we have a cute infographic showing exactly what today’s resume should look like.

This one’s shrunk down — if you want to read the whole thing you’ll have to go to

We like:

  • The design of the example resume—too bad the example itself is so tiny…we’d like to copy it.
  • The suggestion to use color (which, if used sparingly, will look awesome in person but won’t make a lick of sense in the company’s ATS, sadly)
  • The reminder to never say “detail-oriented” or “proactive,” which are just silly words.

We’re not so big on the suggestion to use an objective, even if you don’t call it that. They’re not necessary.

Here’s an open question to Mindflash or to anyone who has one of these “fancy” resumes: are they harder to edit than a regular Word doc? Is it inconvenient when you have to power up Indesign to fix a typo? We’re honestly curious. Please share.