Indie Bookstores Embrace Google

When Google launched its eBookstore late last year, they offered great promise for independent book stores to get into the eBook market through a third party selling platform.

Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, of Greenlight Bookstore, in Brooklyn told The L Magazine that eBook sales are trickling in.

And its helping the store generate some revenue. In the interview, Stockton-Bagnulo said: “The margin varies wildly from publisher to publisher and from book to book. The way I see it though, all of it is essentially free money for us—because we don’t have to invest in the book inventory up front! Every ebook sale, even if we see only pennies from it, is a sale we didn’t have to devote shelf space or inventory dollars to—so for us it’s a net win. It’s probably never going to be the core of what we do—that will continue to be our curated in-store inventory, and the community space we offer for human-scale connection over literature. But in the sense that it offers us an additional revenue stream, a seat at the digital table, and a chance to offer our loyal customers more of what they want—that is, books in any and all formats—it’s a great opportunity for us, and for all independent stores.”