Indianapolis and New Orleans Museums Make Art Loan Bet Over Super Bowl Outcome

The usual story is that two governors will get in touch with each other before the Super Bowl and lay down a bet over whose team will win, and usually that bet will have something to do with the local cuisine, like a deep dish pizza (Chicago) vs. some sort of crustacean (any place on the southern or eastern coasts). It’s become an all-too-familiar-but-still-kind-of-sweet, easy PR stunt. But this year appears different. You pit Indianapolis against New Orleans and there’s bound to be some spread beyond the governor’s mansions. Writer Tyler Green has found that to be case when his Modern Art Notes site found itself in the middle of a battle between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art, after he encouraged the two museums to duke it out. When the dust settled between both museum’s directors, an agreement was arrived at: If Indy wins, NOMA will loan them Claude Lorrain‘s Ideal View of Tivoli. If the Saints win, their hometown museum gets The Fifth Plague of Egypt by Joseph Mallord William Turner. We have no idea if this will actually go down, and can’t imagine that the donors and museums’ boards would give such an easy thumbs up to such a deal, but if anything it’s certainly one of the most interesting Super Bowl wagers you’ll ever hear of.

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