Incest Desk: Examiner in Bed with FNC

This morning we present a very special “Incest Desk” to unveil the ongoing love affair between the Washington Examiner and Fox News.

It’s not only the Yeas & Nays gossip column that’s guilty of having makeout sessions with FNC all over town, it’s now the editorial page, which has an even deeper love for the network that parallels all the great loves — Heidi and Spencer, Tina and Ike, Michaele and Tareq, Whitney and Bobby.

The op-ed celebrates FNC’s 15th anniversary and is so raw and gushing that it’s embarrassing. They say people have lost faith in journalism and journalists. But not in foxy Fox News. A sampling of their sweet nothings: 1. “If television news survives long into the future, it will largely be as a result of Fox News.” 2. Citing a WaPo quote, they explain that FNC anchor Bret Baier goes into his morning office meeting and does what most people who call themselves journalists do. That is to say he – gasp! – determines what’s news in a “balanced” manner. They write, “Baier’s claim makes sense to Washington Examiner editors and reporters who worked with him and other Fox journalists in preparing for the Iowa Republican presidential debate in August that was co-sponsored by our two new organizations.” 3. But the best line is saved for last. “If other news organizations refuse to heed the lessons of Fox News’ success, they will be even further behind the next time Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes pop the bubbly in an anniversary celebration.”

Did Fox News write this for them?

To be sure, FNC has returned the love. FNC Managing Editor Bill Sammon used to work at the Examiner as did FNC Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt.