In Which We Confess to Mortal Fear of Anthropomorphic Celebrity M&Ms

retton m&m.jpgPerhaps it’s the noselessness. Or the lush crop of human hair. Or maybe it’s the fact that we have no desire to let still cherubic gymnast Mary Lou Retton melt in our hand, much less in our mouth. In any case, we continue to be creeped out by by BBDO Worldwide’s “Become an M&M” ad campaign of anthropomorphized M&Ms sporting celebrity features (save for noses and joints, as this parallel candy-populated universe seems to have little use for cartilage). In addition to Retton, beaming and fresh off the beam (or is that a vault?), the campaign has M&M-ified Burt Reynolds, racecar driver Kyle Busch, and celebrity chef Bobby Flay, who brandishes a grilling implement and is dwarfed by a backyard barbeque. Meanwhile, Stuart Elliott of The New York Times recently reported that Spanish versions of the ads began appearing this week. Here at UnBeige HQ, we’re skipping the so-called “shell-ebrities” and sticking to custom-ordered M&Ms that we’ve had printed with the myriad visages of Steven Heller that lined a wall at last year’s Masters Series show at New York’s School of Visual Arts.