In Praise of NYT’s WHCA Decision


From Kenneth Bunting:

    Perhaps Lokeman was right. Some journalists manage to transform themselves into Washington socialites at such events. Why should the public think they could be arms-length watchdogs, critics and uncompromised observers at other times?

    David said Rove overreacted and started the ballroom ruckus.

    “I went over to him and said, ‘I urge you to take a new look at global warming.’ He went zero to 100 with me … . I’ve never had anyone be so rude,” she told The Washington Post afterward.

    Rove said it was David who escalated the exchange with her rude, angry and insulting manner. Crow reportedly tried to calm the situation, but eventually got into the argument with Rove, as well.

    Since the confrontation was somehow missed by the best eyewitnesses news consumers could even hope for, history will never be able to record with certainty whether it was the entertainers or the high-placed presidential aide who caused a scene worthy of a pro wrestling smack down at a notoriously polite D.C. affair.

    Maybe who started it and who misbehaved isn’t so important. Still, social graces aside, it is regrettable, under the circumstances, that we have to guess at it.

Bunting also makes an interesting point: Was the NYT embarassed because that big Rove v. Crow. v. David saga wasn’t reported first in their paper even though Rove was their guest?