In Brief: Photo Finishes

(Annie Leibovitz).jpg
(Photo: Annie Leibovitz)

  • Photographer Annie Leibovitz will retain control of her multimillion-dollar portfolio of work, thanks to a new deal with Colony Capital, the Los Angeles-based investment firm that prides itself on “cautious contrarianism” and “exploitation of inefficiencies” (either of which would make excellent titles for a forthcoming coffee table book of Leibovitz’s portraits). Colony, which also owns the rights to Neverland Ranch, will become Leibovitz’s sole creditor and help her market her iconic images.
  • In other photographic news of note, our chums in Paris for fashion week are raving about the Lisette Model exhibition at the Jeu de Paume. On view through June 6, the show features 120 of Model’s photos, from her famous shots of life on the streets of Nice and New York to lesser known work, incuding a final assignment that captured the curious characters that frequented Long Island’s Belmont Park race track in 1956.
  • Isn’t a Polaroid-branded digital camera an oxymoron? Remember the good old days with a dreamy bunch of notecards from Chronicle Books. Curated by Jennifer Altman, the set of 20 Polaroid Notes include a moody shot of greenery, a hand proferring a cupcake, and a dazzlingly bleached airport scene. Send one to a friend and then watch what develops.

  • Next time you’re away from Photoshop (or just too lazy to wait for it to load), try tweaking your photos on the fly with Rollip, a no-frills free site that transforms uploaded images (jpegs, bmps, gifs, and pngs) with your choice of 40 filters.