Imus Fallout: Cox Calls Out Kurtz, Gregory

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Ana Marie Cox made sure that Kurtz remembered his own complicity in all of this:

    KURTZ: Ana Marie Cox, clearly some of Imus’s locker room humor over the years was tolerated by CBS and MSNBC and went over the line. But…


    KURTZ: And me.

And again:

    KURTZ: Now, I enjoyed going on the show, and maybe I was too quick to overlook some of the really bad stuff that was said, although it wasn’t said in conversations with me. And…

    COX: Everyone keeps saying that. I mean — I mean, David Gregory said this.

    I think, like, every — Craig Crawford. Like, all of these pundits that come on and say, “Well, you know what? He never said any of that stuff with me.”

    KURTZ: No, I’m not offering it as an excuse. I’m not offering it as an excuse.

    COX: But you can’t pretend you’re really covering your ears the rest of the time. Like, he sometimes didn’t exist when you weren’t on the show.

    KURTZ: Of course.