Imus Broadcasting Radio Show From MSNBC Studios

imus_head_fbny.jpgRoughly 12 hours after MSNBC announced that it would cancel its simulcast of his show, MSNBC allowed Don Imus to broadcast his Imus in the Morning radio program this morning from its Secaucus, New Jersey studios today, the last broadcast before his two-week radio suspension begins.

Imus was in a defiant mood — saying he had apologized enough for his remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team and only wanted to meet with them. “That’s all I’m interested in doing.”

He said he had requested that MSNBC’s cameras not videotape the show, but inferred that they were not honoring that request. “It wouldn’t be the first time” they were dishonest, he said, adding that he wouldn’t dwell on the “hypocrisy” of the coverage of the scandal from MSNBC to the New York Times “on down.”

Imus says he spoke with MSNBC Senior VP Phil Griffin and said “some of the stuff that MSNBC has done this morning is frankly unethical and I’ve asked them to stop doing it.”

“I’m not whining about the coverage. I’m not whining about any aspect of this.”

Imus also said that losing television isn’t as big as losing radio. “The big part of the program is radio. There’s millions of people listening to the radio. At best a few hundred thousand are watching television.”

“This may be our last Radiothon,” Imus said of his annual charity drive for the Imus Ranch, likely the reason MSNBC allowed him to use the studio. “We need to raise about $100 million.”

If he returns, the show will likely be broadcast from WFAN in Astoria, Queens.

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