Immersion MOTIV Platform Can Make Smartphone Apps Touch You

Video courtesy of ImmersionCorporation

One of the more underused features of modern smartphones is their ability to vibrate with some programmatic specificity. Android, for example, can be configured to vibrate when a virtual key on its on-screen keyboard is pressed. Immersion Corp. has been around a long time (1993) I remember buying a mouse which licensed its technology to vibrate the mouse as it “bumped” into objects on the screen like on-screen buttons and menus. back around 1996 or so. Their latest innovation provides enhanced tactile feedback on smartphones.

The MOTIV Haptic Development Platform

You can see in the video embedded above how this tactile feedback technology can enhance games and other smartphone apps. The effects library for developers includes more than 100 pre-designed effects. The MOTIV SDK is scheduled to be released next month (March, 2011).

Via Engadget: Immersion’s MOTIV development platform integrates haptics into Android, we go hands-on