IMDb Demotes Writers To “Additional Details”

Nikki Finke is not happy with the Internet Movie Database. She writes on Deadline Hollywood Daily:

Bad enough that free IMDB (not pay IMDB Pro) has grown increasingly unreliable as a source of accurate and up-to-date showbiz info. But I’m suddenly flooded with angry emails complaining about IMDB’s latest moronic decision: moving writers down to “Additional Details” so that now only directors and the major cast are at the top of the movie’s home page there. This is an outrage! (And it’s long been an outrage that below-the-line crew are relegated to a different page…)

“Even if the director is also the writer, the credit has been drop-kicked to the bottom with the crew,” one writer fumes. “Writers and composers are the only artists in the filmmaking process that begin with a blank page. We create the blueprint, the foundation upon which every director, actor and craftsperson builds. This must stop. Please, Nikki, mention this and help IMDB change this attempt to ‘whitewash’ the writer from their proper place in filmmaking credits.” Or, as another writer emails, “Let slip the dogs of war on these assholes.” I know IMDB bigwigs, including their Amazon bosses, read my website.