IKEA, Illeana Douglas Find Web Series Easy to Assemble

EasyToAssemble.jpgIKEA was so happy with the success of Easy to Assemble, a Web series created, written by and starring actress Illeana Douglas, that a spinoff series will debut Oct. 8 alongside its second season, AdAge.com reported.

In Easy to Assemble, Douglas plays a popular independent-film actress who takes a job at a local IKEA only to find that other actors looking for work–such as Justine Bateman, Ed Begley Jr., Kevin Pollak and Jeff Goldblum–are already working there, according to AdAge.com.

The spinoff series, Sparhusen, is about IKEA’s fictional in-house Swedish band, and Keanu Reeves is one of the band’s members.

And Douglas is working on a second spinoff, 40 and Bitter, a talk show hosted by Bateman and filmed live in a Connecticut IKEA store with house band The Traveling Lingonberries, AdAge.com reported.

Douglas told AdAge.com:

Of the other brands I sat with, the only one I wanted to work with was IKEA. I love their Swedish sensibility and the quirkiness of the brand really could fit me. I also liked their European influence versus some of the America companies I talked to, because I don’t feel like they were really going to understand or trust what I could do with their brand.

And IKEA marketing chief Magnus Gustaffson added:

We’re not afraid to poke a little fun at ourselves. Easy to Assemble clearly shows that IKEA is not your typical big-box retailer and that we have something unique to offer our visitors.