iGolf: Caution – Low Flying Phones

With the vast online and hardware capabilities of the iPhone, it is not unexpected to see more and more simple, fun, and social games for it. Yesterday, SGN released its new title, iGolf.

The game is nothing complex, but rather is a simple, fun, and free application that simulates a golf driving range. Utilizing the iPhone’s built in accelerometer; the game plays similar to Nintendo Wii titles. The player selects their club of choice (iron, driver, or wood), touches the ‘hit’ button, and with a physical golf swing, sends the ball into the air.

Based on how hard you swing, the app determines how far your shot will travel and gives you your distance as you watch your ball soar. These scores are saved, and using the iPhone’s Mail app allows you to challenge your friends to beat your best distances.

The game is a little sensitive and sometimes the accelerometer initiates too soon and picks up your back swing as your actual swing, but by carefully holding the iPhone like a tennis racket, you can easily get around this issue. Also, while the game is nothing more than a simple driving range meant to kill some extra time, it is expected to see a future version that will allow players to play on courses as well.

Other than the swing mechanics, the only other tip that has become universal (perhaps learning from past Wii-mote fiascos), is to hold on to your iPhone tight. There are those that have power swings, and flying or broken iPhones are bound to happen. It is also recommended not to play this game in public, as those unaware of what you are doing might think you’ve got a few screws loose.