If You’re a Reporter Headed to the ‘Woodstock Museum’, Make Sure to Talk to Duke Devlin


Okay, last post and then we promise to get our heads out of the pot clouds and back into the 2000s. The New York Times rounds out our triune of Museum at Bethel Woods coverage, as writer Peter Applebome took a trip (zing!) out to “the Woodstock Museum” and reports back on all the goings-on in the new 60s-lovefest building. It’s a funny piece to read, particularly if, just yesterday, you read our post about Bloomberg‘s coverage of the museum. In both stories, most of their focus is seeing the place through the “forever hippie,” Duke Devlin. Which leads to the question, did the museum hire Devlin to hang out and give the place some local color, along with some “I was there, man!” quotes? Or is this just the best thing to ever happen to the guy, the opening of this museum and getting even more validation that Woodstock was so awesome and you should have been there, or is he just hanging out in front of the place, asking people, “Hey, are you a reporter? ‘Cause I can totally let you know what the scene is around here.” Anyway, it’s another interesting look at the place and now, we promise to move on.