If you Like Funny or Die You May Love This

If you’re a fan of Funny or Die and politics then Live Funny or Die should grab you.

Live Funny Or Die  is a new feature they claim will be “full of political commentary in the best electoral sense, described in one nonpartisan word: funny.”

It’s politics with a twist. You’ll see a whole lot of Fake Bill Clinton, otherwise known as @PimpBillClinton and 10 pictures of politicians holding invisible d&@%$. You’ll see candidates, front-runners, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party-ers, “and you never know who else will throw their hat in the ring.” Of course, Funny Or Die will find fitting celeb talent to help the candidate go all the way to the White House … or, at least, they say,  to CNN, Entertainment Tonight or HuffPost. Live Funny Or Die features Mike Tyson as Herman Cain, Darrell Hammond as Rick Perry, Erin Gibson as Michele Bachmann, Reggie Brown as President Obama, Rob Delaney as Mitt Romney … and more in the days, weeks and months leading up to November 6, 2012.

Check it out here. Watch an intro video here.