If I Had A Million Dollars…

I’d be rich. And happy. But if I had a million hits…well, I’d just be happy. So THANK YOU Fishbowl readers, for making the month of October our first-ever million-hit month. I’m happy!

There are a million ways we’d like to say thank you, and here are four (million? you do the math) in what we like to call our “Million-Fish Mix” (which was harder to put together than you’d think, because “million” doesn’t crop up that much in song titles, so we went for style over substance. Special shout-out to 10th-grade boyfriend Neil Shankman for introducing me to “A Million Ways” by The Nylons. He made making this list 25% easier. Rock on, Neil!). Point being, thank you for reading Fishbowl. We really appreciate it!

A Million Ways [The Nylons]
A Million Ways [OK Go]
A Million Ways [Dirty Vegas]
A Million Ways [Annie Gallup]