If an alarm goes off on the Hill and no cablers cover it, did it make a sound?

There’s some criticism over at cousin TVNewser today about whether CNN over-hyped Wednesday night’s drama at the Russell Senate Office Building:

“CNN ‘owned’ the Senate office building false alarm story on Tuesday. ‘First to report, first to have video of the garage being opened, and Ed Henry [clad, as he was, in a tux because he was supposed to be at the Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner] was the best of the field correspondents, getting and remaining on camera quickly. Seems everyone else was flat-footed or dismissive,’ an e-mailer said.

MSNBC and Fox were slower to report the story and faster to return to the original programming, hence the criticism over whether CNN over-reacted. But as another emailer says, “I’m sorry, but if a Senate office building being evacuated, with 200 staffers and six senators locked in its underground parking garage isn’t news, then it’s certainly more newsy than whatever alarmist pap Fox was trying to sell at the time.”