I Was Destined to Buy the New iPhone

- iPhone Omen Image -This morning I walked back to my computer after taking a shower and saw the dialog box pictured to the left sitting on my desktop. Apparently the Apple iPhone camera was connected to my computer. That’s strange though because no iPhone was ever connected to my computer. I’ve been thinking about the new iPhone a lot recently, even going so far as heading over to the AT&T store to find out the scoop on the new phone and finding out how much I’ll have to pay.

Unfortunately I’m not currently eligible for an upgrade and will find myself paying $299 for the new iPhone. No matter how much it costs, it’s now become my job to buy the new phone and so when it launches on Friday I will be one of the customers waiting in line for the 2nd version of the iPhone. There is a ton of buzz surrounding the new iPhone and much of it is focused on the new games that will be launching in the new iPhone application directory.

I’ve also been hyping the phone as the next device to transform the entire social web. I still stand by that and with f8 following right behind the iPhone launch, I have a feeling that we may see a new mobile offering by Facebook as well. Whatever ends up happening at f8, one thing is certain: this week’s iPhone launch is going to be big. My calling came in the form of a desktop notification. Have you been called upon to purchase the new iPhone?