I think I may have just fallen in love with Jake Tapper

Leak haiku. Brilliant.

Patrick Fitzgerald:
Sheikh Rahman, Ramzi Youssef
and Scooter Libby?

Two counts perjury
One obstrucion of justice…
Wasn’t there a leak??

(Libby’s statement as shortened and haiku’ed:)

“I am confident…
at the end of this process

Joseph Wilson, he
wanted Karl Rove frog-marched out
but Rove hopped away?

I will add one posted in Tapper’s comment section:

Bring back Lewinsky
At least that indictment was
for a good time, right?

I don’t plan on taking that line of questioning any further. A Karl Rove visual I don’t need. Oh no, it’s too late, now I’m thinking about him having a fantastic weekend!! Ick.

(ABC’s Down And Dirty courtesy of FishbowlDC).