I Love New York Contestant Needs You to Write Him Dirty Jokes for His Twitter Feed

Thanks to MySpace, Twitter and Craigslist we now know where some of the lamer reality television “stars” end up. Not that we were that curious. Or curious at all. But here we are.

Lee Marks, also known as Mr. Boston from I Love New York, a 27-year-old who’s MySpace profile says he’s an “reality tv star/Accountant” needs some writers. So there’s a Craigslist ad:

pay up to $100 for dirty one liners (los angeles)

Date: 2009-12-10, 1:25AM PST

Reply to: gigs-hy3uq-1503416355@craigslist.org

Client has started a twitter account and needs funny one liners he can add on a regular basis. Will pay up to $100 if your submissions are funny. For a sample of his one liners, please visit his twitter page. If interested, please email us to negotiate a rate


Who says reality television doesn’t employ writers?

Here’s a clip of Mr. Boston fighting on the show. Here’s his MySpace page and here’s his funny for other reasons Twitter.