I guess it’s less embarrassing than ‘Groupie Mom’

Somewhere in Los Angeles, there is a high school student named Flannery getting totally ragged on by his buddies today. Flannery’s mother, Kerry Madden, wrote an Opinion piece for the LA Times over the weekend about what it’s like being a ‘Roadie Mom‘ for her son’s band, the Flypaper Cartel. Here’s the most “stop it mom, you’re embarrassing me” excerpt:

So what will it be? College? Rock stardom? Flannery was the boy who once upon a time wouldn’t leave the house without a derby hat, cape, cane and a mascara mustache. He gave himself a reverse mohawk at preschool and glued the blond hair to his arms to turn into the Wolf Man. He always carried an extra set of vampire teeth. He wrapped himself in paper towels and hid in a cardboard sarcophagus to feel like a mummy. He memorized every Elvis song and demanded to see Graceland at age 6.

(Here’s the Flypaper Cartel’s myspace.com page— their fan Synthia says ‘ Wow u guys r realllllyyyyyyy good love the songs. :D’ We do too!.)

Also in the LAT today, the Calendar section covers Susan Estrich’s ‘Commander in Chief’ party, a gripping media item which FishbowlLA broke on Friday. The article notes that the White House Project house parties are “wholeheartedly endorsed – albeit not subsidized – by ABC executives.” With the show up against the new season’s breakout hit ‘My Name is Earl’ as well as the hittish ‘Supernatural’ it’ll need all the house parties it can get.

(UPDATE: Turns out Kerry Madden’s a mediabistro.com instructor. Wow, does anyone in this town not work for mediabistro.com?)