I Am Sorry Virginia… There is More to Marketing Than a Blog.

I don’t know when it happened, much like people thinking the world was flat, the concept that a blog is an end all solution to marketing has become prevalent in today’s business world. I personally have never propagated this myth, but some out there really do believe it.

Like most of my post this idea this one came to me while I was talking with a friend of mine (I am really not all that creative) about his blog and his traffic. My friend writes an interesting blog but is failing to see any return on his efforts and has very few followers.

He recently purchased a camera to create video blogs in the interest of attracting new business. When he told me his idea I began to tell him why it was a poor decision but decided against it, he simply believes that a video blog is the wave of the future.

The problem is he is investing time and has no real channel to deliver any of his marketing efforts. His blog is decent enough but lacks any form of promotion or any content that is compelling enough to attract new readers. He is creating content with his blog but he is not marketing it.

I began to explain to him the basics of marketing, the idea of exposure over cost: the more targeted the exposure the greater the cost and return. The way I see it is this, each video post will take around three hours to make; three hours of time is very expensive.

Three hours to produce a video blog that will get you very little exposure and in turn very little return on your time investment is not a good move. Think about what you could do with three more hours, direct phone calls, secure some advertisements in a local magazine, send a personal letter to your target market, read about marketing trends or just relax.

I guess my problem is that I see to many smart business people believing that social marketing and social media equals do-it-yourself marketing. I hate to tell everyone out there but the only thing that has really changed with marketing is the tools, not the complexity or the process.

Successfully marketing, especially when using social media, needs to be clearly defined with objectives, tools, and a time line. I would love to see more small business take the leap into social marketing, but there is no need to go it alone, talk to a PR/Marketing firm to see how the can help.

Heck, email or twitter me and I will give you some advice, there is no need to try and figure it all out for yourself. Do any of you out there have friends who see social media and social marketing in the wrong light? Do you want to help them? Let’s set up an intervention.

Friends, this blogging and self marketing is out of control… together we can help. Do you want help? Then join me in the fight for a better world of marketing.