I-35 Bridge Collapse: Who to Sue When the Design Firm Responsible Is No More?


After a disaster involving something man-made, there’s usually a period after a couple of months when the lawyers come out and settlements get made, etc. But what happens when there’s no one to ask for reparations? Such is the case with the families of the deceased or injured in this summer’s bridge collapse in Minnesota. Now that the determination has come down that the accident happened due to faulty a design, it’s also been revealed that the company behind that design no longer exists and the statue-of-limitations has run out. So it’s left everyone scratching their heads as to how to proceed, with some talk of the Department of Transportation taking the blame, since they where the ones inspecting it for the past forty years before it fell. Meanwhile, now that the design flaw is known, the NY Times is reporting that all fifty states are being encouraged to check and double check their bridges, to a grand total of a whopping 12,600 of them, to make sure they aren’t also suffering from the same problem.