Hyper Photo-Sharing App Mixes Instagram with Reddit on iOS

The Hyper app allows users to post images to the platform, which are voted on by the community.


App developer Hyper is preparing to launch its self-titled photo-sharing app on iOS devices. The Hyper app is described as a hybrid of Instagram and Reddit, as users post pictures to the platform, which are then voted on by others. Instead of focusing on following other users, the Hyper app allows users to subscribe to their favorite hashtags, in a similar fashion to bookmarking a thread on a Web forum.

A major difference from Instagram and other photo-sharing apps, Hyper allows users to share multiple images in a single submission. These aren’t required to fit a theme, if their associated hashtag is general enough (say, the basic photography hashtag), but users can also isolate locations or events in each individual post they create. When posting, users can choose a preexisting hashtag or create their own, and are also encouraged to add a description to their content.

In addition, users aren’t limited to posting content from their camera rolls, as users can also search the Web within the app, and post the resulting photos.

While browsing photos, users swipe left and right to move between images, and tap up or down arrows to rate them. Users can also post comments on each photo. Each submission is listed alongside its point total, and while the username of the poster is also available, tapping on this only shows their total points earned across all posts. In other words, the Instagram-style profile features are missing from Hyper, with the focus being on featuring the best content from all users, and not singling out any one poster.

During beta, Hyper users have, on average, opened the app five times per day, with over one million votes registered during the beta period. Over 60,000 images have already been shared to the platform, with posts being viewed 800,000 times each week.

The Hyper app will launch out of beta on May 5. Hyper is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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