Hyper Launches Curated Video Magazine App on iPad

The app presents users with a hand-picked selection of up to 12 short-form videos each day.

Curated video platform Hyper has officially launched on iPad. Alongside this launch, the developer has announced it has raised $1.1 million in a seed round of funding, led by Advancit Capital, with participation by Lowercase Capital, Broadway Video Ventures, Freeland Ventures and Mesa Ventures. The Hyper app gives users a daily selection of hand-picked videos from around the internet, covering a variety of topics.

Not to be confused with the photo-sharing app of the same name, Hyper on iPad presents users with no more than 12 new videos each day, focused on topics including tech, culture, style and global stories. These videos are one to 20 minutes in length, and are selected by a group of filmmakers, artists, documentarians and journalists, who select the best videos from hundreds of sources to share each day.

Hyper was designed to highlight the best and newest videos on the internet, so all shared videos are less than two days old. The app presents these videos in the style of a daily magazine, and allows users to access old ‘editions’ and groups of videos from the menu.

Hyper Screenshot

Hyper was designed with a minimal interface, providing a title and short text description for each video in the edition, along with its length.

While viewing a video, users can pause by tapping on the screen, with this pause menu (which is also available at the end of each video) offering buttons for sharing the video with social media, toggling AirPlay for streaming content to an Apple TV device, or learning more about the video. When users tap to learn more, they’re presented with a link to the uploader’s channel, along with other relevant links and information.

In a statement, Hyper co-founder and CEO, Markus Gilles, commented:

We’ve all gotten caught in the YouTube rabbit hole, the endless Netflix browsing, and the infinite barrage of trending clickbait – but that’s nowhere near the best way to experience the most interesting new content the web has to offer. We built Hyper to separate the signal from the noise and simply offer the best of the newest everyday.

Hyper is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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