Hulu turns off auto-sharing to Facebook

Hulu has decided to move away from frictionless sharing on Facebook, starting July 18. Many Hulu users have started to see a notification that the site will no longer auto-post to Facebook whenever someone watches a video. An Inside Facebook reader brought this to our attention.

While users can still manually share to Facebook, Hulu is rolling out an end to automatic sharing.



Hulu posted about the change in their help site:

At this time, we will be removing the ability to auto-share videos that you’ve watched to your Facebook feed. We recognize that this is a helpful tool for quickly sharing your favorite clips, TV shows and movies with your friends, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change. Below are some questions you may have, and some alternatives to sharing your favorite videos.  … In an ever-expanding effort to provide the best video streaming experience, we also want to incorporate the best tools to share those videos. After observing how our viewers have used this feature, we believe there are better ways to share what you’re watching with your friends than by using automatic publishing to Facebook. Therefore, we will be shutting this feature down in order to focus on these other innovations.

Hulu is still allowing users to manually share videos to Facebook and Twitter, but this will likely cutback on unwanted News Feed posts, while making people more likely to use Hulu in the future.


Readers: How would this affect the way you use Hulu?

Images courtesy of Hulu.