Hughes Speaks Out, Still Maybe A Little Too Early


This ought to get some people’s goats. Robert Hughes, the Austrailian art critic, was just recently intereviewed for a piece in the Times (the UK one), saying that, while tragic, the fall of New York’s Twin Towers is no loss to the art of architecture. Hughes logic follows that same principle behind realizing that a lot of people despised Lincoln in his day and that JFK didn’t really do anything as President, but once they were assassinated, they were immortalized. So keep that in mind before you rush into anger. If anything, it’s an interesting read as long as taken with a grain of salt. Here’s some:

“It would have been terrible if those Al-Qaeda guys had knocked down either the Chrysler Building or the Rockefeller Center,” said Hughes last week. “These two buildings are the architectural gems of New York. Suppose a bunch of turbaned terrorists had tried to do that?”

Hughes, who saw the destruction of the north tower from his apartment on the morning of September 11, 2001, added that “nobody praised the design when the World Trade Center was put up.” The twin towers were built between 1966 and 1972.