Hugh Hefner Calls Rabbit Logo Playboy‘s Greatest Asset

keychain.jpgHugh Hefner just keeps going and going, not unlike the Energizer Bunny. But it’s another rabbit that really gets the 84-year-old going: the bowtie-wearing bunny that is the emblem of the embattled empire that he is now seeking to take private. When Mediabistro’s Jeff Rivera asked Hefner what he considers to be Playboy’s greatest corporate asset, he pointed to the brand’s iconic image, as embodied in the cheeky logo designed in 1953 by Art Paul. “That rabbit, that trademark, is one of the most famous iconic trademarks in the entire world, and there is nothing else that really competes with it,” said Hefner, Playboy‘s editor-in-chief and chief creative officer. “There is no other sophisticated adult brand out there. So, we are in a very unique situation around the rest of the world. That rabbit and the Playboy name represents personal economic and political freedom, and that’s an export that has great appeal around the world.” While we beg to differ with Hef’s definition of sophisticated, perhaps we’re just projecting. “My life is rather like a Rorschach test,” he told Rivera. “I think people project a great deal of their own particular fantasies, dreams, and prejudices onto my life.” Read the full interview here.