HuffPost Australia Will Include Fifty Shades of Lisa Wilkinson

Nine Network morning show co-host is on board as editor at large.

LisaWilkinsonPicA Down Under TV personality is in the middle of The Huffington Post’s 15th international edition, launching this week.

Lisa Wilkinson (pictured), who just recently signed on for three more years as co-host of Nine Network’s morning Today program, will write about a variety of topics as the site’s editor at large. As she explained to the Sydney Morning Herald, her scathing review of a certain Hollywood film earlier this year sealed the extra-curricular deal:

“It was hard to knock back being editor at large of such an iconic brand, and when you get an email from Arianna Huffington on a Saturday morning out of the clear blue sky that says, ‘I really want to work with you’, that’s a hard one to knock back,” Wilkinson said.

It was a review ripping into the “mummy porn” novel [and movie adaptation] Fifty Shades of Grey that clinched the editor-at-large job for Wilkinson. “I gather Arianna had been looking at me and when that went viral, she approached me,” she said.

Wilkinson’s debut column takes a look at a notion originated by Helen Gurley Brown:

It’s a term I’ve always loathed, and one that’s dogged just about every working mother I know, for decades.

It’s that whole “having it all” thing: the stunningly naïve belief that once we women had The Vote, The Pill, No-Fault Divorce and Equal Pay (oh, wait, hang on, scratch that last one), that we could now, unencumbered, go about the business of having The Job, The Marriage, The Kids, The Home we wanted, and — some sanity.

It would all be picture perfect and humming along — nay, ROARING, in numbers too big to ignore — just like Helen Reddy’s song promised us.

And then, knock me over with a feather-duster if real life didn’t come along and ruin it. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?) Because as we have learnt, “having it all” AT ONCE is impossible — unless you have a dozen sets of hands, 36 hours in every day and 14 days in every week.

Below: Wilkinson’s Fifty Shades of Grey film review, which quickly went viral this past February.

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